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                             Le Gentil Estate


Le Gentil is situated on the Caribbean Island of St.lucia in the Lesser Antilles. The island has an area of 238 sq miles and lies between the French Island of Martinique and St.Vincent and boasts of an English and French patois speaking population. Le Gentil estate is situated in the Northern section of the district of Vieux –Fort, an area attributed to Rainforests and fertile lands.

The town of Vieux-Fort is the second largest on the Island and the International Airport named Hewanorra provides handling services to all major International flights to the Island. On the most Southern tip of the Island is a deep water Port which provides services for Interisland Cargo and connecting Cargo to the USA and Europe. Le Gentil is between 20 to 30 minutes from the Airport and the Port AT Vieux-Fort.


Le Gentil as expressed earlier is located in the Tropical Rainforest region on St.Lucia. The Estate encompasses 314 acres of forested lands and has views to the Atlantic Ocean and the rolling hills to other towns and villages on the Island.

The property is bounded to the North and Northwest by the Government Forest Reserve, to the Southwest and South by the Chateau Belair River,and to the East by both Government and privately owned lands currently under agricultural cultivation. Le Gentil commands panoramic views of Vieux-Fort region to the South and Micoud communities to the East with the Atlantic Ocean in the background. The terrain is gradual to hilly, undeveloped while some areas are cultivated with bananas, coconuts, breadfruit, mangoes, oranges and grapefruits. Several root crops  like sweet patotoes, yams,dasheen and Tania are grown in limited quantities. LeGentil is the home of exotic Tropical growth with great diversity of lush plant and wild life.

Two Rivers run through the Estate namely Chateau Belair along the Southern boundry and Gentile River on the Nothern boundary and they are sourced by the Tropical rainforest which bounds the Northern sections of the property. The Water and Sewerage Authority maintains a water intake and treatment facility on the Gentile river and supplies fresh water to many nearby communities.


Electricity supply is available as near as the boundary of the property and LUCELEC the main supplier of Electricity to the Island are able to provide services to any of the developing areas on Le Gentil Estate.

A number a cell sites which are owned by the two operators on the Island are located within near proximity of the Estate and they provide excellent coverage to the Estate.


We have identified a minimum of five business opportunities, which have the potential to be developed on Le Gentil. A brief introduction to the opportunities are outlined however implementation costs and benefit analysis does not form a part of this document but we may be able to assist with the study and development of a business module.


1.Bottled Water Production.

As a number of small springs form part of the water source on the Estate, Bottling Spring water presents itself as an option. Tests for quality and suitability should be performed to determine whether commercial volumes are available for bottling. Also the feasibility of producing bottled water in Plant through reverse osmosis can be developed then established and marketed locally, regionally and Internationally.

2.Real Estate Development.

The Land area encompasses hillside ridges with panoramic views of the landscape and Ocean. With a planned road network to and area designated for Land/Condo development or Single family dwelling homes the Developer may market finished properties to semi-retired American and European clients and further operate the facility as a tourism resort.


3.Eco-Tourism/Zip Line.

We believe with the current pronouncements of St.Lucia’s new Prime Minister and the substantial investment being negotiated for the Cruise Industry in potentially creating a Home Port at Vieux-Fort, La Gentil would benefit from the creation of a Zip Line and the above mentioned Villa Cottage concept. The opportunity of Land based Tours, Estate Restaurant, Shops and other Hiking and Biking tours would create sufficient activity to make Le Gentil a formidable plantation location in the South of the Island catering to visitor needs as demand for Tours arises.


4.Aqua Culture

With the abundance of the supply of fresh water available on Le Gentil Estate one of the foremost and potentially lucrative opportunities available to Investors would be the establishment of Prawn and Tilipia farms.

Assistance and expertise  for the establishment of Prawn and Tilipia farms are available from the Taiwanese embassy on St.Lucia in conjunction with the Government of St.lucia. While Sales and Marketing are currently mainly on St.Lucia opportunities exist for export to other Countries.


5.Agriculture/Farm Life

Some 50 acres of land is currently under cultivation however the agricultural potential exists for new banana production for export to the European community market through Martinique therefore a number of agricultural food products may be cultivated for use and Sale on Le Gentil….With assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture all the relevant data on crop production and yields would be available for a Small farm project.



Le Gentil Estate requires a team of new owners who have the Money,Time and Vision to realize the defined development of a model estate, set on a Caribbean Island. The potential of other opportunities will develop with time however the 1-5 that are currently defined should be developed with te future development of Vieux-Fort and the surrounding villages…

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